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What Rachel’s Students Are Saying…

Watching Rachel work was incredibly valuable, her ability to tease out dancers qualities and calm their insecurities was amazing to witness. I learned so many tricks on how to make a dancer look their best! Rachel has a wealth of knowledge to share, and she did so with no reservations. It was refreshing how generously she shared her experiences and her time.

What Rachel’s Students Are Saying…

"I felt this was exactly what I needed to begin to take my work to the next level.”

What Rachel’s Students Are Saying…

I can honestly say I am inspired to be a better business woman and a more confident creative photographer. Thank you again! I loved it!”

What Rachel’s Students Are Saying…

‘My two biggest weaknesses - posing and lighting. Both were covered in great detail. It was logically explained in a friendly professional manner’

-Lindsay Thomas

-Chris Coates

-Heather Sachleben

-Alan Hubbard

Insider Knowledge, Proprietary Workflows
The Confidence to Level Up Your Business

More and more photographers are becoming proficient at shooting dancers, but it’s no longer enough to just know timing and standard portrait lighting setups. Relying solely on natural light isn't enough to build your business on or become the go-to photographer in your area.

Both you and your dancers have a vision for your shoots. The frustration that comes from not knowing what to ask for and ending up with images your dancer isn’t happy with, can wear at your confidence and drive away clients.

But being able to be consistent and creative with your images, over and over again, will help you stand out from the rest. It comes down to mastering the complex intricacies of dance photography.

If you’re doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, there’s something missing…

Is it Time for a Change?

In this course you will learn:

How to pose, direct, and help dancers see themselves at their best

Learn what a dancer actually wants so that you can be successful in every shoot.

Understand dancers’ jargon and their basic poses is only the beginning. In this course we go inside a dancers world and headspace, learning how to direct them, correct them, and guide them to poses you both want. Predictably and repeatably.

Lighting your dancers to highlight their strengths

Lighting can make or break a shot. But there’s so much more to it when it comes to working with dancers than most photographers know.

Start to become aware of and create the lighting patterns that not only create mood, but actually enhance your dancers’ abilities and physicality. Your dancers will love you!

Create confidence behind and in front of your camera; understand best workflows and the intricacies of working with dancers

Knowing what you want your images to look like and knowing how to get there are two different things when it comes to working with dancers. An understanding of your clients, your art, and an optimized studio and shoot workflow gets you back in control of your shoots.

When you have a system you can rely on, you can relax into the process, get to those “aha!” moments faster, achieve creative images that have you singing and…

Attract Dancers to Your Business

Because timing, lighting, posing, directing and camera technique can be overwhelming, (or even nerve-wracking on its own), it’s easy to forget that the dancers themselves are in very vulnerable positions throughout this process. Their self esteem can be greatly affected by the results of even just 1 bad image, and their anxiety over what they look like far surpases the average subject from the very beginning.

A photographer who is able to make them feel at ease, communicate clearly, and provide beautiful results that reflect the dancer’s talent is one who will build a reputation fast.

Once you’ve mastered this art you’ll have a clear differentiator from other dance photographers and dancers will be lining up to work with you.

Whether you’re a professional looking to expand your knowledge or a hobbyist looking to grow your business, figuring this all out doesn’t have to take years or come down to guess work!

The Neville Method

Rachel’s Unparalleled Approach to Taking the Guesswork Out Exceptional Dance Photography

Rachel's unique blend of classical dance knowledge, teaching skills, and extensive photography experience has led her to create a step-by-step process that empowers photographers at all levels to capture the shots they desire Everytime.

The system has helped dancers feel empowered in front of the camera, and photographers feel empowered behind it.

A highly specific, fine-tuned workflow, the Neville Method allows photographers and dancers to confidently translate movement and energy from the 3-dimensional world into the 2-dimensional visual space.

By mastering this technique and integrating it into your enhanced lighting and directing skills, you'll transform your photos into captivating moments that burst with life and energy.

Take a look inside!

Module 1

Foundational Basics

This module will set you up with a bulletproof foundation on which to build your skills, from the intricacies of a dancer’s mindset to the ideal camera functions and workstation.

Module 2

Lighting 1 - Theory And Key Light

In this module Rachel teaches you how she sees light and will help you gain the freedom to work in new ways.

Here you’ll deep dive and master qualities of light, light direction and modifyers, grip & gear. In this module Rachel teaches you how she sees light and will help you gain the freedom to work in new ways.

Module 3

Posing 1 - Foundations

What dancers are ACTUALLY looking for is where we start, but in these lessons we’ll begin the foundations of The Neville Method. Adapting 3D movements in the 2D format requires a complex system. You’ll learn Rachel’s system for building the ideal shot by finding the right angles and expertly posing your dancers.

Module 4

Creative Lighting - Adding Light For Effect And Mood

Now that you’re working on the foundations, it’s time to get creative! Rachel will reveal her proprietary method of painting with light and walk you through what you need to know to master the art of lighting (and.. she’ll go over what to do when it all starts to go wrong!)

Module 5

Posing 2 - Shoot Flow and The Intricacies Of Dance Terminology And Technique

It’s time to get into the flow of the shoot…and unlearn some of the techniques you may have been using. You’ll get to see Rachel shooting in action and discover her methods for moving through a shoot, shot by shot.

Module 6

Correcting And Directing Your Dancers

It’s time to get into the flow of the shoot…and unlearn some of the techniques you may have been using. You’ll get to see Rachel shooting in action and discover her methods for moving through a shoot, shot by shot.

Module 7

The Business Of Dance Photography

Fantastic! You've dived into mastering the Neville Method... So what's next? In this module, Rachel will guide you through invaluable business and marketing insights she's acquired, sharing key details she wishes she had known a decade ago.

Unlock The Neville Method Today

Meet Rachel Neville

Rachel Neville is a renowned, award winning photographer who has specialized in working with dancers and people who move for over 2 decades. Combining her background as a dancer and ballet teacher with extensive experience in various photographic genres, she possesses a wealth of expertise that shapes her distinct perspective.

After graduating at the top of her class from the Humber College Photography Department, Rachel moved from Toronto to the vibrant streets of New York City. She grew increasingly frustrated as she observed world-class dancers on stage who, quite often, appeared less remarkable in their photographs. The dancers she worked with would often relate stories of disappointing photoshoots - the impact to their self esteem was evident, and it inspired Rachel to get to work.

She used her experience in still life imagery, background in teaching, and distinct visual perspective, to create a technique for capturing movement and dance that solved this problem. Thus, The Neville Method was born.

She is now sought out by individual dancers, world-renowned dance companies, and advertising agencies to produce stunning visual campaigns that have garnered her international recognition and accolades. Her passion for teaching has propelled her to pass on her knowledge, becoming a revered educator and mentor to dance photographers across the globe.

Rachel brings a uniquely holistic and highly technical understanding to her art form, allowing her to fully capture the essence and emotion of each moment. By extension, her teaching style is known for its clarity, attention to detail, and hands-on approach. Her dedication to education extends to her online platform, where she provides tutorials and resources that empower photographers on their journey to mastering their craft. By deepening their grasp of movement, dance technique, lighting, and directing skills, her students plunge into the world of a dancer. They not only learn to create outstanding imagery, but immerse themselves in the dancer's perspective. This comprehensive approach produces those “a-ha!” moments that truly allow them to unleash their artistic potential. Rachel’s programs offer photographers at all levels a valuable opportunity to strengthen their skills, gain confidence in working with dancers, and grow their businesses.


Although the Neville Method's foundation is unchanging, the Method has evolved through the years as she keeps learning and pushing her work forward. In teaching others, Rachel sees this Method come to life as it has helps so many artists and photographers.

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